Different Outdoor Craft Ideas For The New Moms

Yay was it almost a month that I haven’t been on this blog? Time does fly so fast. At least in my household!

Summer is around the corner and it brings with it pool parties, days at the park and entertaining the family. While my family can be easily amused indoors, the summer sun calls for time outside and outdoor entertainment.

summer vacation 2005

To inspire all of you, today will be sharing some of the different types of craft activities that can be held outdoors and bring the family together in a creative manner. The ideas mentioned below can be customized to meet your specific needs. Let’s face it, Mother’s Day crafts are very unlike Christmas crafts.:)

1. The Terra Cotta Bird Bath

The first of the summertime craft ideas is the terra cotta bird bath. This item requires a terra cotta clay pot, a clay saucer and some craft paints. The first step is to invert the clay pots so that the larger side is at the bottom and the smaller side on top. Next, add a waterproof clay saucer atop the inverted stack of clay pots. This saucer is generally used as the part of the clay pot that catches drained water; however, here it will act as a ledge for the bird to perch on. Finally, use the poster paints (and any other craft resources) to paint the pot or create a mosaic on the clay. We have done this for two consecutive years now and it is always a hit in my house. I found a good tutorial here.

2. The Toad House

toad house craftTerra cotta clay pots can be useful to build bird baths, but they can also be used to create a toad house. Once again, invert the clay pot so that the larger part is at the bottom and the smaller section on top.

Next, prop the edge of the pot on a small or medium-sized rock. The final step is to decorate the pot using poster paints, stickers and glitter, or whatever decorating resource you wish to use.

3. The Herb Garden

gardening with my kids

This outdoor activity is both entertaining for the family as a craft activity, but it also provides you with organic foods -great for your meal prep plans. Herbs are rather simple to grow and the most popular herbs to use include basil, sage, chives and thyme. Children often find this an amusing task and the majority of children who help create the garden will continue to tend it – a method to teach children responsibility.

If you are feeling particularly creative, it is recommended that you grow a ‘kitchen garden’. This differs from a herb garden in that the food being grown will be items regularly used in the kitchen, such as tomato and cucumber.

4. The Customized Necklace

One of the most popular and enjoyable DIY project is the personalized necklace. To create this type of necklace you will need a chain or string, spacer beads, letter beads and small charms. Placing the necklace together will require the stringing of the different beads on the chain. If you are feeling particularly creative you could create matching necklaces or bracelets – one for the daughter and one for the mother.

The above activities are surely perfect for your entire family to have that great summer sunshine memories. Summer is also a great time to take pictures of your children.

Next post will be about preserving these precious moments. Chat soon.

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Frugal Spring Decorating Ideals: Making Your Home Look Great This Spring

Spring is a time when a lot of people put a new found focus into decorating their homes. Now that it’s nice outside, people want to clear out their homes, get rid of unwanted items, and make their property a more pleasant place to visit.


There are all kinds of ways to make a home look better, but a lot of those ideas cost a great deal of money. Thankfully, there are ways to make a home look its best even if you’re on a tight budget.

Try employing these tips if you don’t have a lot to spend;

Buy  Storage Containers

One of the best ways to make your home look more attractive is to add more storage.


When you have a place for everything in your home, you’ll be able to reduce clutter and easily keep everything organized.

However, one of the downsides to storage containers is that they often need to be hidden away. Thankfully, there’s a simple alternative to this. If you buy fabric storage containers, you can store items in containers that you’ll want to display. These containers can be purchased very cheaply, and can add a lot of style to your home.

Update Fixtures

When people think about redecorating their home, they often think about big decorating projects.


They want to re-model their kitchen or re-do their bathroom. However, this can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, there’s a much cheaper way to give these rooms a new look. You can add fixtures to your cabinets or update your old fixtures. This can give a room a far more modern appearance, and it won’t cost much money at all.


One of the biggest headaches a lot of people have regarding their home is that they don’t have enough space. Rooms feel crapped, cluttered, and overstuffed.

springdecoration2In addition to clearing out a room as much as you can, you can create the illusion of a bigger room by hanging mirrors in the wall. The reflection on the wall will make people feel as though they’re in a bigger space. In addition, the mirrors will add a lot of visual interest.

Re-Arrange Your Furniture


Moving around your furniture won’t cost you a thing, but it can dramatically change the way your room looks. Try to create an arrangement that works with the way people use your rooms.

For example, if you regularly have people over for social gatherings, you could push your living room furniture together in a way that invites conversation. If you like to read in your living room, you could push your chair next to a bookcase and create a reading nook. There are all kinds of options, and you should feel free to experiment with them.

As you can see, there are all kinds of frugal spring decorating ideas to take advantage of. My favorite place to get some inspiration is Pinterest. Don’t settle for a home you’re not happy with. Even if you’re on a budget, you can make your home look great.

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How To Build Your Sewing Room

A space for sewing is a great thing to have. However, to do this properly you need to have your room laid out right.sewing room

If it is not laid out right, you could end up tripping on top of your machine or even worse have fabric all over the place and not be able to get the work completed that you want to do. However, with some advice it is going to be easy to get the sewing room set up exactly how you want it to be and know it is going work for the projects you are trying to complete.

A cutting table is going to be one of the items that you need to have in your sewing room. With the cutting table you will have a chance to get the fabric cut in your home, rather than at the store, but also be able to control the lines of the cuts that you are making. However, you need to make sure you have the cutting table set up in a space that you have full access to the table. This way you will be able to get around the table and know you can cut the fabric you need to.

The sewing machine itself, if it is in a table or a long arm should be towards the center of the room. This means you need to have a center plug in the room on the floor, but with the sewing machine in the middle of the room, it is going to be easier for you to get the access you need for the sewing and be able to get around the sewing machine and know it is going to be in a spot that will let you complete the projects you want to do.

Fabric storage is important as well when you are working on laying out your sewing room. While you may not think about this, you need to realize you need to have some type of storage shelves in place. These shelves can be something as simple as a bookshelf, to something that is built into the walls. You just have to make sure you are looking at the shelves and have them on a wall that is accessible, but also is going to be easy for you to work with and store fabric in.

As you may have found out, it can be hard to build your sewing room at times. This is when you should learn more about how to build your sewing room. When you have this advice, it is going to be easy for you to get the sewing room laid out properly. Then you will not have to be concerned about the room not working for what you want it to. Instead, you will find the sewing room is going to work perfect for what you want to do and know you can easily complete any of your projects you want to do.

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How Meal Prep Saves Time and Promotes Health

We are all familiar with the saying ìthose who fail to plan only plan to fail.î This seems a tad harsh but when it comes to planning your meals it is also very true. Most of us lead pretty busy lives in this modern era; in between the many pressing concerns of the day getting a hot, healthy and home cooked meal on the table can be almost impossible.

But this is where meal prep can be your biggest ally; by preparing your meals before hand you lessen the chances of relying on junk food or ìconvenienceî foods when you are caught hungry in a tight schedule.

Meal Prep -Saving Time, Money and Health

meal prep 101

So what does successful meal prep look like? It looks very different depending on the personal needs of those preparing and eating the meals, this makes personalizing your meal prep routine to match the specific needs you are addressing the essential point of meal prep; you want to save yourself time and still provide substantial nutrition during your busy week.

Choosing to make a week supply of breakfasts, lunches or dinners (even snacks) on the weekend frees up valuable time in your weekly schedule. The meal you find yourself rushing through, compensating for or skipping altogether is the one in need of prep. If you are grabbing a snack bars for lunch or picking up drive through on the way to work food prep can save you time, money and good health.

How to Prep your Meals

Storage Containers

Begin by getting a good collection of food storage containers – Tupperware or glass containers are both good just be sure you have a snug lid for each one. Remember that you will be regularly reheating your food and you want the type that will not release toxins or melt when heated in a microwave or oven, the BPA free variety is recommended.

Storage space in your fridge is also an important consideration because you will have several days worth of food and you want containers that stack nicely without collapsing when you open the door.

Meal Prep Plan

Because diets and tastes are so different and it is always smartest to start by prepping a few meals at a time at first, this will help you to get used to the process of storing, labeling and reheating. But this should all be coming from a set plan, you need to know what you are going to be making, how long it will last in the fridge and when you plan to eat it. Prepped meals that go uneaten are a major hole in your wallet.


The point of preparing your meals is not to cook everything in one day but to limit the amount of time and cooking operations required daily. This could mean marinating your chicken thighs and freezing them then taking them out to cook during the week. Veggies can be cleaned, washed and blanched and are ready to steam in a few minutes. Sauces, soups and even oatmeal can also be prepared ahead of time.

Cooking your carbohydrates like whole grain pasta, rice or quinoa is best done right before meal time. This goes to emphasize the need of accurate planning when preparing meals ahead of time.

Remember that a little prep goes along way in saving you time, start small and try to base your plans around the foods you already enjoy and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Happy Cooking!

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