How You Can Create A Home Management Notebook

Some people are simply more organized than others. That said, a home management notebook is definitely a sign of an organized person that gets things done.


Your family relies upon you to get many things done and if you were out of town, in the hospital or unavailable for any reason, many things would be left undone. Creating a home management notebook is an ideal way to make sure that anyone in the family can come into the situation and do things the right way.

Your Notebook

To begin with, you’ll need to have a binder, notebook or something that you can put everything in. This should be easy to locate, easy to open and close and have plenty of room in it for you to jot down vital information.

What To Include

Every family is different, however, most families will have the following information in their notebook.

  • Meal Plans
  • Children’s School Information
  • Children’s Sports Coach Information
  • Homework Plans
  • Carpool Contacts
  • Doctors Information (phone number, after hours number etc.)
  • Pharmacy Number
  • Church Contacts
  • Bill Paying Information
  • Calendar (this should be large enough to jot down your daily schedule)

Of course, the above category list will vary according to how many children are in the family and which activities your family has going on. Customize your notebook to accommodate this. Be sure to include menu’s and directions to the favorite pizza parlor or the favorite delivery places.


Some families put some handy little extra’s in their notebook. This could be a special note from a teacher or friend that cheers one up if they’re down, it could be a poem or directions to making a favorite dish etc.


Many people like to have pocket dividers in their notebooks in order to keep receipts in for each month. This works great and can really help a person to stay on budget.

Be Creative

Your home management notebook is a reflection on your life, not the neighbors. Design and create it accordingly. If you enjoy specific colors, use them, if you prefer a specific season, focus on that. Create your notebook around your lifestyle and your family. Add in little touches that make you feel good. This could be in the form of memo’s or pretty pages etc. It’s all up to you.

Where To Find Notebooks

There are many commercial management notebooks available both online and off. You can also create your own from scratch. It’s recommended that you first look at a few to get an ideal of how they work, what others put in them and so on before you go off on your own to design one. You’ll be able to get an idea of formating and design and then create your own sensational notebook.

Now that you have an idea of how to create your home management notebook, you’re ready to go out and make your own version. Every notebook is different and what works well for one family may not work well for another. There is no right or wrong way to go about this.

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