Five Sewing Tools and Products Which Make For Easier Sewing

Sewing is not what it used to be with more modern machines and accessories that shortcut processes and make the sewing part easier and more accurate.

There are five basic tools that really make the process of sewing much easier. Of course it is easier with a good sewing machine that it ever will be by hand, but these are must have items that top off the list.

1. Wonder tape – is one of those ideas that you wish that you had thought of. It is simple to use and it dissolves and disappears when washed. It is double sided and is used to secure pieces of fabric together before they are sewed. Lemon Squeezy Home has a nice project using it so you may want to go and see how it was used on her maternity shirt.


It ensures that they stay the way you want them to be sewed. It is great for holding zippers in place, as well as long pieces of fabric. It can be located at most sewing centers, retail and discount stores, as well as on the internet.

2. Wonder clips – If you like wonder tape, you’ll love wonder clips. These are similar and are wide enough to hold quilt bindings together as well as leather purse handles or straps. It is very handy for sewing applications with multiple layers that are thick. The clips have a flat base 1/4″ and 1/2″ allowance for seams. They are very easily removed, once you begin to feed your material through your sewing machine.

3. Portabe Iron – There are instances when you just simply need an iron that is small enough in size to fit into small spaces. This is when you need the Portable Iron from Petite Press which can be used with machine embroidery and applique projects, if only a portion needs to be pressed, even while the material is still in the hoop. It is extremely portable, so it can be taken anywhere to sewing group meetings and so forth.

The small iron is ideal for the pressing of seams to open them and for straightening out those corners that are turned. It warms up very quickly and doesn’t get the room heated like a normal sized iron will.

4. Tricot – For a device that can be used both as an underlining and as an interfacing, depending on which application you are using, the Pellon Easy Knit is a tricot that is fusible. It is available just about anywhere you can buy fabric, and it comes in black or white with widths of 20″. It also comes in `1.5 wide by 10 or 30 yard rolls.

5. Rotary cutter – is used for pinking is a quick way to effortlessly and quickly add an element of decoration to a fabric edge or other crafting projects. If you don’t have a serger, it also makes quick work for the finishing the edges of the seams of garments. These rotary shears are very easy to use and are much more ergonomic than the pinking shears that we have all traditionally used.

These types of tools and gadgets are all borne out of the sewing experiences of others in the past who said, “Why not have . . .?” And now we do! Its amazing how new things are invented every day making our hobbies and lives easier.;) If you want to learn more about sewing accessories for beginners, check out Sewing Made Simple. I like her Learn How To Sew Series.

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