Surviving Roadtrips With Kids: How to Keep Children Happy In the Car

Traveling a long distance in a car can be a huge hassle even when all of your passengers are adults. When you’re traveling with kids, things can get even more difficult. It’s harder for children to be patient and to put up with the stresses that long car trips bring.


However, there are a number of things you can do that will make these trips more manageable. If you keep these survival tips in mind, you’ll be able to get through your roadtrips in one piece — and experience fewer headaches in the process.

Don’t Let Your Kids Get Hungry (or Thirsty)child-164454_640

One of the biggest culprits for bad car behavior is that kids have to wait too long to eat or drink. When kids aren’t eating regularly, it can be very hard for them to keep their emotions in check.

Even if you have regularly scheduled food stops, you should keep your car well stocked with easy-to-reach snacks and drinks. When your child requests a snack, provide them with one. When your child can eat as desired, they’ll be better equipped to handle the stresses of being on the road.

Provide New Entertainment

toy-791265_640Every parent knows that a child needs to be entertained while they’re in the car. However, many don’t realize how valuable it can be to allow them to entertain themselves in a way that’s entirely new. No parent should rely on old favorites alone.

If you’re going to let your child watch movies in the car, make sure you bring something they’ve never seen before. If you’re relying on video game systems to keep them occupied, give them a new game. When their entertainment feels fresh, it’ll be more absorbing and will keep them more distracted.

Schedule Regular Stops

When you have a long way to go through your destination, it can be tempting to cover as much ground as
After all, the longer it takes for you to get where you’re going, the more likely it is that you’re going to have to spend money on hotels.

However, when you’re traveling with kids, you have to make sure that they get a chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs. Kids have a lot more energy to burn that adults do, and if they don’t have the chance to expend that energy,
they’ll try to expend it in the car.

Plan Ahead

Ultimately, the most valuable thing any parent can do before a roadtrip is plan it out, down to the smallest detail. The more you have scheduled and the more structure your roadtrip has, the easier it will be for you to control things that go wrong.


Sure, you’ll encounter unexpected problems, like a traffic jam or a bathroom emergency, but at the end of the day, your preparedness will help to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. You’ll experience far fewer problems, and you’ll have a much better time. To know more tips about traveling with your lil kiddos I suggest you visit this site.

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Gas And Food Savings

Two items that affect everyoneís monthly budget are groceries and gas. The bad news is that both of these items continue to rise on a monthly basis. The good news is that there are ways to save money on both groceries and gas. Saving money is not a difficult thing but it does require some time and effort.


One of the first ways to save money on your gas bill is to use a gas company that provides a discount to members. There are retail outlets that will provide you a yearly membership for a modest fee of $50 or less. These retail outlets may offer up to a $.10 per gallon discount on gasoline from your regular gas retail outlets. This $.10 saving per gallon for gas will offset the $50 membership payment many times over.

Also, if the retail outlet provides discounted prices for members on food items such as meat, dairy, produce, and staples, this will be a double savings. You will also be able to save money by using coupons. Many people do not use coupons because they think they are insignificant when it comes to saving money. However, smart shoppers know that they can save hundreds of dollars each year simply by using coupons.

Here is a good video about couponing;

Many retail outlets offer coupons when you enter the store. They provide a coupon display rack that you can choose from before you start shopping. This alone can save you a handsome percentage off your weekly grocery bill. You will also be able to find coupons in local newspapers, magazines, and even online. If you go online and search for a particular food product you may find a coupon that you can print from your computer. There are even online coupon companies that will provide you with hundreds of coupons for thousands of items.

Another good way to save money on both food and gas is to not waste it. When you are driving your vehicle never stop for a long period time with the motor running. This is a complete waste of fuel. It is the same with food products. Before you start your weekly grocery shopping make a list of what you already have in your cupboards so that you do not purchase the same product. This will be especially true for products that have a limited shelf life.

A recent study showed that the average consumer wastes 40 percent of the food that they buy because they forget that they already have the product at home. The product at home expires and then the consumer has to throw it into the garbage. The study also suggested that most people purchase more than what they actually need.

Therefore, with just a few simple adjustments in your lifestyle you will be able to save a lot of money on both your grocery and gas purchases. You can use this extra money to treat your family to a yearly vacation in an exotic location. Or perhaps you can purchase that new wardrobe that you have been waiting for.

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Being A New Mom And Loving It

You got all excited and scared when you discovered you were soon a mom to be. The months seemed endless with weeks of going to the bathroom more often than usual, some sleepless nights with backaches that made you sleep on your side, and those untimely snacks at odd hours of the night. Talk about going through hell!


Having a baby is hard. Nevertheless, all these is just the beginning. You nights of going without sleep will still taunt you even after you smiling bundle of joy is born. You will feel like pulling the hair off your head yet will have smiles and a glow when you talk about your baby. Yes, you will be tired and sleep deprived but it will be all worth it, and you still can look radiant while nursing your baby.

Here is the secret to being a new mom and loving every minute of it.


Relish the Moment

Just look at your baby when he or she is asleep, see the innocence of that little angle will make your heart mellow. Pat yourself on the back and say you brought him or her into this world. Relish that moment and what you behold in front of you; it is a miracle, and you do not want to miss the miracle of that moment.

 Take it One day at a Time

You should relish every day that goes by, from the time you welcomed your baby into this world and held him or her in your hands. The first day will give you a rush of joy and tear will run down your cheeks when you remember what you went through just to be a mother. Yes, the days may seem tough but already went through a tough period; likewise, you get through the tough days of nursing. Soon your little angle will be doing to preschool and soccer practice.

Stay healthy

If you focus on staying healthy, you will be doing it for both you and your baby. Feeling healthy will help you stay with high spirits. Good nutrition and exercising will help to elevate your mood. Take a walk when your bundle of joy is napping, do some stretches and you soon be in your former shape and fitness levels.

Schedule your Life

Taking care of a newborn is a full-time job; one that demands your attention. As such, you need to schedule your life. Avoid rushing to get back to your professional working life. Do not take up any new project even in your home. Just focus on being a new mom and enjoy the time you have nurturing and nursing your little angle, it is a miracle of the moment that will soon be a memory.

Watch this video to see how I organize my life using my Filofax.;) I am a fan of Carlie and I have learned how to schedule important things/events using my planner by watching her videos.

Remember to Do “YOU”

As mentioned, being a new mother is a full-time job with no coffee breaks or weekends off. Nevertheless, you still need to remember to do something that makes your feel happy, taking your mind off the stress of nursing. Let your intentions of being an excellent caregiver be for both your new baby and you. You can ask daddy to have an hour of taking care of the baby every day, and you can have a nice long relaxing soak in the tub reading all by yourself or do anything that you love. In my case, I like sewing,cooking and gardening so my craft room is my escape.;)

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Different Outdoor Craft Ideas For The New Moms

Yay was it almost a month that I haven’t been on this blog? Time does fly so fast. At least in my household!

Summer is around the corner and it brings with it pool parties, days at the park and entertaining the family. While my family can be easily amused indoors, the summer sun calls for time outside and outdoor entertainment.

summer vacation 2005

To inspire all of you, today will be sharing some of the different types of craft activities that can be held outdoors and bring the family together in a creative manner. The ideas mentioned below can be customized to meet your specific needs. Let’s face it, Mother’s Day crafts are very unlike Christmas crafts.:)

1. The Terra Cotta Bird Bath

The first of the summertime craft ideas is the terra cotta bird bath. This item requires a terra cotta clay pot, a clay saucer and some craft paints. The first step is to invert the clay pots so that the larger side is at the bottom and the smaller side on top. Next, add a waterproof clay saucer atop the inverted stack of clay pots. This saucer is generally used as the part of the clay pot that catches drained water; however, here it will act as a ledge for the bird to perch on. Finally, use the poster paints (and any other craft resources) to paint the pot or create a mosaic on the clay. We have done this for two consecutive years now and it is always a hit in my house. I found a good tutorial here.

2. The Toad House

toad house craftTerra cotta clay pots can be useful to build bird baths, but they can also be used to create a toad house. Once again, invert the clay pot so that the larger part is at the bottom and the smaller section on top.

Next, prop the edge of the pot on a small or medium-sized rock. The final step is to decorate the pot using poster paints, stickers and glitter, or whatever decorating resource you wish to use.

3. The Herb Garden

gardening with my kids

This outdoor activity is both entertaining for the family as a craft activity, but it also provides you with organic foods -great for your meal prep plans. Herbs are rather simple to grow and the most popular herbs to use include basil, sage, chives and thyme. Children often find this an amusing task and the majority of children who help create the garden will continue to tend it – a method to teach children responsibility.

If you are feeling particularly creative, it is recommended that you grow a ‘kitchen garden’. This differs from a herb garden in that the food being grown will be items regularly used in the kitchen, such as tomato and cucumber.

4. The Customized Necklace

One of the most popular and enjoyable DIY project is the personalized necklace. To create this type of necklace you will need a chain or string, spacer beads, letter beads and small charms. Placing the necklace together will require the stringing of the different beads on the chain. If you are feeling particularly creative you could create matching necklaces or bracelets – one for the daughter and one for the mother.

The above activities are surely perfect for your entire family to have that great summer sunshine memories. Summer is also a great time to take pictures of your children.

Next post will be about preserving these precious moments. Chat soon.

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