Easy To Make Great Costumes For Kids

If your kid is invited to a dress up party or Halloween is approaching then don’t despair because there are some great costume ideas that won’t break the bank.


1. The Classic Friendly Ghost

The oldest classic costume of them all. It takes next to no work to put this one together. An old sheet and a pair of scissors for the small holes that are required. Around these holes pain and use a permanent marker to color in some eyes. With this done your ghost is ready to rock the party – simply place over the kids head and you’re ready to go.

2. The Cube

Find a box that will fit easily over your child’s head. Remove the flaps from the one side (this is where the box will be placed over the child’s head. Paint each side a different color (red, red, yellow and orange) then use black insulation tape to make squares on each side – voila – a Rubik’s Cube.


3. Little Miss (or Mr) Sunshine

For this easy to make costume you’ll need an adult size yellow sweatshirt, orange and yellow felt, glue suitable for fabric, a safety pin and some pipe cleaners.

The basic sweatshirt is the base of this cheery costume. The happy face of the sun is made from felt. A plain long-sleeve tee and yellow knee socks or a pair of tights finish it off. This will bring a smile to anyone’s face or fill up a bag of Halloween treats quicker than almost any other costume.

4. It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

If you have a transparent umbrella then you’ve already got the beginnings of this costume which relies of wordplay. Simply find a silhouette of dogs and cats (easy on the Internet), cut these out of heavy black art paper, use some yarn to attach to the edges of the umbrella and dress your kids up in a raincoat a galoshes. Raining cats and dogs – get it?

5. The Skeleton

This is a great classic. Simply find a pair a black PJ’s and use either tape or white material marker and paint on them bones – for even more effect use fluorescent paint. A value for money skeleton mask or some old makeup and the frightfully fun skeleton is ready for action.

6. Under The Sea Octopus

All you’ll need for this are four pairs of tights and some cotton batting, as well as eight safety pins, a belt and a matching top. Pin the stuffed tights to the belt and turn the belt so that the side with the pins is hidden. For extra effect a knit hat with some googly eyes will complete this costume.

7. The Mummy

Another really easy one, some old sheets torn into strips and some double sided tape are all you need to get that late night horror show effect – this is a classic and still great after all those years.

8. The Vampire Bat

Another easy one which requires very little effort. All you’ll need are some grey jammies, black socks and gloves, some googly eyes and some felt markers and an old black cap. You’ll also need pink, black and white felt and a glue gun – and black umbrella. Use the pink felt you make up bat ears for attachment to the cap, the umbrella fabric is used for the bat wings and attached with safety pins to the back of the pajama shirt. fangs made of felt are attached to the underside of the cap brim and googly eyes to the area above the peak.

9. Solar System

Nice and simple and easy to make in a hurry. All you’ll need is a pair of black jeans, a black shirt and some foil. Cut out stars and planets from the foil, attach to short and jeans and you immediately have a solar system which will outshine all the others on the Halloween trail.


10. The Circus Strongman

With a red and white striped shirt, a length of piping and two black balloons as the ends of the weight (attached with duct tape), as well as a makeup mustache your little man or lady will be ready to wow them all with feats of strength.

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How To Build Your Sewing Room

A space for sewing is a great thing to have. However, to do this properly you need to have your room laid out right.sewing room

If it is not laid out right, you could end up tripping on top of your machine or even worse have fabric all over the place and not be able to get the work completed that you want to do. However, with some advice it is going to be easy to get the sewing room set up exactly how you want it to be and know it is going work for the projects you are trying to complete.

A cutting table is going to be one of the items that you need to have in your sewing room. With the cutting table you will have a chance to get the fabric cut in your home, rather than at the store, but also be able to control the lines of the cuts that you are making. However, you need to make sure you have the cutting table set up in a space that you have full access to the table. This way you will be able to get around the table and know you can cut the fabric you need to.

The sewing machine itself, if it is in a table or a long arm should be towards the center of the room. This means you need to have a center plug in the room on the floor, but with the sewing machine in the middle of the room, it is going to be easier for you to get the access you need for the sewing and be able to get around the sewing machine and know it is going to be in a spot that will let you complete the projects you want to do.

Fabric storage is important as well when you are working on laying out your sewing room. While you may not think about this, you need to realize you need to have some type of storage shelves in place. These shelves can be something as simple as a bookshelf, to something that is built into the walls. You just have to make sure you are looking at the shelves and have them on a wall that is accessible, but also is going to be easy for you to work with and store fabric in.

As you may have found out, it can be hard to build your sewing room at times. This is when you should learn more about how to build your sewing room. When you have this advice, it is going to be easy for you to get the sewing room laid out properly. Then you will not have to be concerned about the room not working for what you want it to. Instead, you will find the sewing room is going to work perfect for what you want to do and know you can easily complete any of your projects you want to do.

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