Fab Find Friday

Dotted Tree Wall Stickers from Becky + LoloI’m really not keen on blank walls.  I don’t like clutter and confusion, but I think that empty walls make a room feel a little on the cold side.  I’m also not a huge fan of hammering holes into our walls, especially in the kids’ rooms.  You know how it is, year to year they change so much.  The decor in the nursery transitions from baby-beautiful to toddler toy-tastic to “I’m a big boy/girl, I want to choose!”.  It can be difficult (not to mention expensive and time-consuming) trying to keep up with these changes and the last thing you need is to touch up and repaint every six months.  This is why wall stickers are such a fantastic alternative to hanging pictures.

The choice online can be overwhelming and as with most things online, you always wonder what the quality is really like.  Scrolling through far too many sites (who knew wall stickers were such a big business?) I came across Becky + Lolo.  It’s really worth a look, a lovely site offering all sorts of fun and useful things. Their selection of wall stickers is immense, making it actually quite tricky to choose just one! I was on the lookout for something for Little M and Miss S’s bedrooms, as Little D was already set up, and love the idea of trees and flowers.  TV characters definitely have an expiration date with toddler obsessions changing daily, so I went for simple and effective designs that everyone would be happy with.

Spring Blossom Wall Sticker from Becky + LoloLovely to look at, affordable and flexible – you can move them around the room a couple of times without affecting the ‘stickiness’. Reserving your right to change your mind if the mood takes you is always a winner – or if like us, you discover you’re having twins and have to reshuffle the whole house around!