Now we two are 3


My babies are turning 3 tomorrow.  Not babies anymore, or toddlers I guess, so what are they now they are 3? Whatever they are, they are still my babies and always will be but how did we get here so quickly? Sounds clichéd I know but it really does feel like they were born yesterday.  I still find it surprising that I have twins. Little M and Miss S have grown into two beautiful little people inside and out (I can’t help it, I know I am biased!). It has been so much more wonderful and rewarding than I ever expected but it has also been hard – for them and me. Read more

One baby, two babies

Day of Twins Birth

No! I’m not having twins again – phew.  This is a little trip down memory lane. I have been meaning to write the birth stories of my three children for a while, if only to have a record of it.  Even such an emotional, painful and wonderful experience can fade, like most memories. This is not a birth story as such, but more of a pre-birth story. Read more

Home is where the Holiday is

D Bubbles

I am starting to get worried. Our little corner of the UK has had consistent warm sunshine for the past two weeks now. Somebody pinch me. We are now so accustomed to this beautiful weather that I fear a break in it will be a shock to the system. Maybe we are on borrowed time but I am more than willing to take advantage if it. Read more

Are you a parenting expert?

I love London black cabs. There’s something a little bit special about them.  Being a passenger means you can actually soak up all the beauty of the capital and have ten minutes alone with your thoughts – a rarity for pretty much everyone.

Who am I kidding? Alone with my thoughts? Maybe that was too much to ask.

On this particular day, I managed to flag down one of the chatty cabbies.  You know the ones who want to know your life story, tell you their life story and have rather opinionated views on Boris Johnson and road works? Yes, one of those. Read more