How to Achieve Salon Style Hair

In between raising donde comprar criptomonedas en chile kids, looking after the house and holding down a job, regular salon visits can often get left at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. And having great hair makes you feel great.

long_straight_hairNo matter how many fads come and go, the luxuriously shiny and straight hair look will always remain in style. No matter what type of hair you have, be it wavy or curly, silky smooth hair can be achieved easily at home. The key is using the right hair-styling tools and products as well as a few top tricks.

Hair Products and Tools:

The types of products you use will make or break the results of your hairstyle. Even if you follow how to buy shares of google the same routine that hairstylists do at salons, it won’t be the same if you are using items that are of low quality. Take some time out to research what products suit your hair texture. The best part is that they don’t always have to be higher-end products. The one thing we do suggest you splurge on is a decent hair straightener. It will be a worthy investment and make your hair styling so much easier. For the best hair straighteners for your hair type visit Straight Hair Day for ideas.

Preparing Your Hair

Your hair straightening routine will be smoother and more manageable if it is done on clean, air-dried hair. Wash your hair, not forgetting the conditioner, which will make your tresses softer and easier to style. Let your hair dry naturally, followed by an application of a heat protection serum or straightening balm. Use a comb to ensure that the product is evenly distributed with no knots in the hair.

Straightening Your Hair

It is essential that you use a high quality hair straightener with ceramic plates, and always keep the temperature at the optimum heat for your hair type. Work in small sections of 2-4 inches, starting from the nape of your head and making your way up. Another thing to be mindful of is to keep on moving the straightener slowly through your hair. The result will be smoother with minimal kinks and minimize hair damage. Also, don’t go over one section of hair more than twice. Finish off with a serum or hair spray to prevent your strands from becoming frizzy.

Pro Tips:

1) Home-made hair masks

Simple home-made hair masks can double as a deep-conditioning treatment and repair damaged hair because they are made from pure and natural ingredients. There are countless recipes which will keep your hair healthy and give it a sheen even if you style your hair at home on a daily basis. The egg and yogurt mix mask is a personal favorite as it is like getting a mini protein treatment at home!

2) Protecting your hair from the sun

Not only does the sun contribute to making your hair frizzy, its harmful UVA/UVB rays are just as damaging to the hair as to the skin. It is crucial that you use a good anti-frizz serum as well as a heat protectant before and after straightening. But use it sparingly so as to not make your hair greasy.

3) Diet

As with everything else, a healthy diet consisting of natural foods that have nutrients which are good for the hair is also essential for preventing hair damage. Incorporate foods such as nuts, avocados, eggs, milk and other protein-rich food into your diet.

Life is too short to have boring hair, so experiment with your crowning glory. What it all boils down to is using the right tools and the right products for your hair. The rest will require minimal effort.

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Easy To Make Great Costumes For Kids

If your kid is invited to a dress up party or Halloween is approaching then don’t despair because there are some great costume ideas that won’t break the bank.


1. The Classic Friendly Ghost

The oldest classic costume of them all. It takes next to no work to put this one together. An old sheet and a pair of scissors for the small holes that are required. Around these holes pain and use a permanent marker to color in some eyes. With this done your ghost is ready to rock the party – simply place over the kids head and you’re ready to go.

2. The Cube

Find how to buy google shares a box that will fit easily over your child’s head. Remove the flaps from the one side (this is where the box will be placed over the child’s head. Paint each side a different color (red, red, yellow and orange) then use black insulation tape to make squares on each side – voila – a Rubik’s Cube.


3. Little Miss (or Mr) Sunshine

For this easy to make costume you’ll need an adult size yellow sweatshirt, orange and yellow felt, glue suitable for fabric, a safety pin and some pipe cleaners.

The basic sweatshirt is the base of this cheery costume. The happy face of the sun is made from felt. A plain long-sleeve tee and yellow knee socks or a pair of tights finish it off. This will bring a smile to anyone’s face or fill up a bag of Halloween treats quicker than almost any other costume.

4. It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

If you have a transparent umbrella then you’ve already got the beginnings of this costume which relies of wordplay. Simply find a silhouette of dogs and cats (easy on the Internet), cut these out of heavy black art paper, use some yarn to attach to the edges of the umbrella and dress your kids up in a raincoat a galoshes. Raining cats and dogs – get it?

5. The Skeleton

This is a great classic. Simply find a pair a black PJ’s and use either tape or white material marker and paint on them bones – for even more effect use fluorescent paint. A value for money skeleton mask or some old makeup and the frightfully fun skeleton is ready for action.

6. Under The Sea Octopus

All you’ll need for this are four pairs of tights and some cotton batting, as well as eight safety pins, a belt and a matching top. Pin the stuffed tights to the belt and turn the belt so that the side with the pins is hidden. For extra effect a knit hat with some googly eyes will complete this costume.

7. The Mummy

Another really easy one, some old sheets torn into strips and some double sided tape are all you need to get that late night horror show effect – this is a classic and still great after all those years.

8. The Vampire Bat

Another easy one which requires very little effort. All you’ll need are some grey jammies, black socks and gloves, some googly eyes and some felt markers and an old black cap. You’ll also need pink, black and white felt and a glue gun – and black umbrella. Use the pink felt you make up bat ears for attachment to the cap, the umbrella fabric is used for the bat wings and attached with safety pins to the back of the pajama shirt. fangs made of felt are attached to the underside of the cap brim and googly eyes to the area above the peak.

9. Solar System

Nice and simple and easy to make in a hurry. All you’ll need is a pair of black jeans, a black shirt and some foil. Cut out stars and planets from the foil, attach to short and jeans and you immediately have a solar system which will outshine all the others on the Halloween trail.


10. The Circus Strongman

With a red and white striped shirt, a length of piping and two black balloons as the ends of the weight (attached with duct tape), as well as a makeup mustache your little man or lady will be ready to wow them all with feats of strength.

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Surviving Roadtrips With Kids: How to Keep Children Happy In the Car

Traveling a long distance in a car can be a huge hassle even when all of your passengers are adults. When you’re traveling with kids, things can get even more difficult. It’s harder for children to be patient and to put up with the stresses that long car trips bring.


However, there are a number of things you can do that will make these trips more manageable. If you keep these survival tips in mind, you’ll be able to get through your roadtrips in one piece — and experience fewer headaches in the process.

Don’t Let Your Kids Get Hungry (or Thirsty)child-164454_640

One of the biggest culprits for bad car behavior is that kids have to wait too long to eat or drink. When kids aren’t eating regularly, it can be very hard for them to keep their emotions in check.

Even if you have regularly scheduled food stops, you should keep your car well stocked with easy-to-reach snacks and drinks. When your child requests a snack, provide them with one. When your child can eat as desired, they’ll be better equipped to handle the stresses of being on the road.

Provide New Entertainment

toy-791265_640Every parent knows that a child needs to be entertained while they’re in the car. However, many don’t realize how valuable it can be to allow them to entertain themselves in a way that’s entirely new. No parent should rely on old favorites alone.

If you’re going to let your child watch movies in the car, make sure you bring something they’ve never seen before. If you’re relying on video game systems to keep them occupied, give them a new game. When their entertainment feels fresh, it’ll be more absorbing and will keep them more distracted.

Schedule Regular Stops

When you have a long way to go through your destination, it can be tempting to cover as much ground as
After all, the longer it takes for you to get where you’re going, the more likely it is that you’re going to have to spend money on hotels.

However, when you’re traveling with kids, you have to make sure that they get a chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs. Kids have a lot more energy to burn that adults do, and if they don’t have the chance to expend that energy,
they’ll try to expend it in the car.

Plan Ahead

Ultimately, the most valuable thing any parent can do before a roadtrip is plan it out, down to the smallest detail. The more you have scheduled and the more structure your roadtrip has, the easier it will be for you to control things that go wrong.


Sure, you’ll encounter unexpected problems, like a traffic jam or a bathroom emergency, but at the end of the day, your preparedness will help to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. You’ll experience far fewer problems, and you’ll have a much better time. To know more tips about traveling with your lil kiddos I suggest you visit this site.

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Gas And Food Savings

Two items that affect everyoneís monthly budget are groceries and gas. The bad news is that both of these items continue to rise on a monthly basis. The good news is that there are ways to save money on both groceries and gas. Saving money is not a difficult thing but it does require some time and effort.


One of the first ways to save money on your gas bill is to use a gas company that provides a discount to members. There are retail outlets that will provide you a yearly membership for a modest fee of $50 or less. These retail outlets may offer up to a $.10 per gallon discount on gasoline from your regular gas retail outlets. This $.10 saving per gallon for gas will offset the $50 membership payment many times over.

Also, if the retail outlet provides discounted prices for members on food items such as meat, dairy, produce, and staples, this will be a double savings. You will also be able to save money by using coupons. Many people do not use coupons because they think they are insignificant when it comes to saving money. However, smart shoppers know that they can save hundreds of dollars each year simply by using coupons.

Here is a good video about couponing;

Many retail outlets offer coupons when you enter the store. They provide a coupon display rack that you can choose from before you start shopping. This alone can save you a handsome percentage off your weekly grocery bill. You will also be able to find coupons in local newspapers, magazines, and even online. If you go online and search for a particular food product you may find a coupon that you can print from your computer. There are even online coupon companies that will provide you with hundreds of coupons for thousands of items.

Another good way to save money on both food and gas is to not waste it. When you are driving your vehicle never stop for a long period time with the motor running. This is a complete waste of fuel. It is the same with food products. Before you start your weekly grocery shopping make a list of what you already have in your cupboards so that you do not purchase the same product. This will be especially true for products that have a limited shelf life.

A recent study showed that the average consumer wastes 40 percent of the food that they buy because they forget that they already have the product at home. The product at home expires and then the consumer has to throw it into the garbage. The study also suggested that most people purchase more than what they actually need.

Therefore, with just a few simple adjustments in your lifestyle you will be able to save a lot of money on both your grocery and gas purchases. You can use this extra money to treat your family to a yearly vacation in an exotic location. Or perhaps you can purchase that new wardrobe that you have been waiting for.

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Five Vegetables To Plant Now For A Fall Harvest

There are a lot of plants that germinate easily how to buy google share in the summer heat. Some are even more successful at taking root during the summer then in the spring. Plants require a few conditions to make them prosper. Heat, water, and nutritious soil are among a few of them.


There’s no universal rule when it comes to how much heat a plant needs. Each species has it’s own expectations. Knowing which plants to get into the ground during a hot summer can give you an amazing harvest this fall. It’s important to keep in mind that through most of the plant’s life, the weather will be quite hot.



Tomatoes are an excellent choice for a fall crop. They actually work better this time of year. Spring tomatoes are difficult to germinate. Tomato seeds require soil temperatures above eighty degrees. If you’re going to grow tomatoes, it’s important to be patient. They do not grow in the same way that those winter root vegetables do. First they must obtain their height and foliage, then they will start to produce fruit.



Squash can withstand summer temperatures. A lot of growers are reluctant to plant winter squash in the summer because they believe the heat will kill them. The plant is not called winter squash for this reason. Winter squash plants actually won’t grow during the winter months. They are known as winter squash because their shell has the capacity to protect the flesh inside it for months after harvest. Allowing people to enjoy squash that came from a fall harvest all winter.



Watermelons require a lot of heat from a very young age. Making them the perfect thing to germinate in the hottest part of the summer. They can withstand cooler temperatures as well, as long as they’re above fifty degrees. Making them hardy enough to withstand the weather if it starts to cool off a little. Watermelons are a good idea as a fall crop if you live in zone eight or higher. As they require a long growing season. If you’re in the northern part of the country, try personal sized watermelons.



Peppers are another plant that withstand October temperatures, but won’t make it through November. If you plant them now you should have plenty of time to collect a fall harvest. Some pepper plants only take sixty days to reach maturity. Keep the climate of your area in mind when deciding if you’ll have enough time for a harvest.



Pumpkins should be planted in June, or July if you want them for Halloween. They are sturdy plants that won’t rot quickly, especially when frozen. This makes them perfect for keeping until you can put them into a pie. Thanksgiving is always more special when the stuff on the table came from your own garden.

Maintenance Is Everything

The quality of your garden depends on the amount of attention you’re willing to give it. We all want a large harvest. The only gardeners who are successful spend their leisure time pulling weeds. Get out there and take care of your babies!

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FIve Good Ways To Make Money Online

Are you looking for a way to earn more money by going online? Whether you want to be able to support yourself in this fashion, or you just want to supplement your existing income, the Internet offers many great ways to make money. You can start doing many of these things right away, so within a few days, you will start to earn more.

Since there are so many different ways to earn money online, do not worry if your first attempt does not work out. Just move on to a different approach. Before long, you will find something that works for you and plays to your strengths.

1. Become A Freelance Writer


Are you a good writer? Do you know a lot about many different subjects? Can you write clear, compelling articles quickly and without errors? If so, the life of a freelance writer may be perfect for you.

There are thousands of websites out there that need good, solid articles and blog posts to publish on a regular basis. Instead of writing their own articles, these sites usually commission work from freelance writers. I used to write for Odesk now named Upwork, and Elance. By selling your writing online, you can make a good income without too much effort.

2. Affiliate Marketing


Do you already have your own blog or website? Do you get a fair amount of traffic every day? If so, signing up with an affiliate marketing program can be a good way to boost your income. By promoting products that you really like, you can earn commissions from online retailers.

Basically, you sign up as an affiliate and start posting links to various products for sale on a retailer’s website. Whenever someone uses one of your links to make a purchase, the retailer pays you a percentage of the sale price. This can be anywhere from as little as 1 percent to as much as 50 percent or more!

3. Become A Virtual Assistant

Many people have work that needs to be done, but they do not have enough time in the day to do it. This can be anything from data entry to ordering a takeout meal. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a good way to get these tasks done.

By becoming such an assistant, you can provide a wide range of services to people who can benefit from your expertise. Be sure to focus on your strengths when you are promoting yourself so that you can find someone who needs what you have to offer.

4. Sell Items On eBay

Every day, millions of items are bought and sold on eBay. By starting your own eBay store, you can start to sell your own items. Whether these are crafts you have made yourself or things you have found at an estate sale, eBay does much of the work of setting up an online store for you. All you need to do is list your items.

5. Join The Crowd

Crowdsourcing is becoming a very popular way to get work done online. Tasks are split up between many different workers, each of whom does a small part of the job. By joining a site like Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can find such jobs that you can easily do in your spare time. They may pay anywhere from a few cents to as much as 20 dollars or more.

Five Sewing Tools and Products Which Make For Easier Sewing

Sewing is not what it used to be with more modern machines and accessories that shortcut processes and make the sewing part easier and more accurate.

There are five basic tools that really make the process of sewing much easier. Of course it is easier with a good sewing machine that it ever will be by hand, but these are must have items that top off the list.

1. Wonder tape – is one of those ideas that you wish that you had thought of. It is simple to use and it dissolves and disappears when washed. It is double sided and is used to secure pieces of fabric together before they are sewed. Lemon Squeezy Home has a nice project using it so you may want to go and see how it was used on her maternity shirt.


It ensures that they stay the way you want them to be sewed. It is great for holding zippers in place, as well as long pieces of fabric. It can be located at most sewing centers, retail and discount stores, as well as on the internet.

2. Wonder clips – If you like wonder tape, you’ll love wonder clips. These are similar and are wide enough to hold quilt bindings together as well as leather purse handles or straps. It is very handy for sewing applications with multiple layers that are thick. The clips have a flat base 1/4″ and 1/2″ allowance for seams. They are very easily removed, once you begin to feed your material through your sewing machine.

3. Portabe Iron – There are instances when you just simply need an iron that is small enough in size to fit into small spaces. This is when you need the Portable Iron from Petite Press which can be used with machine embroidery and applique projects, if only a portion needs to be pressed, even while the material is still in the hoop. It is extremely portable, so it can be taken anywhere to sewing group meetings and so forth.

The small iron is ideal for the pressing of seams to open them and for straightening out those corners that are turned. It warms up very quickly and doesn’t get the room heated like a normal sized iron will.

4. Tricot – For a device that can be used both as an underlining and as an interfacing, depending on which application you are using, the Pellon Easy Knit is a tricot that is fusible. It is available just about anywhere you can buy fabric, and it comes in black or white with widths of 20″. It also comes in `1.5 wide by 10 or 30 yard rolls.

5. Rotary cutter – is used for pinking is a quick way to effortlessly and quickly add an element of decoration to a fabric edge or other crafting projects. If you don’t have a serger, it also makes quick work for the finishing the edges of the seams of garments. These rotary shears are very easy to use and are much more ergonomic than the pinking shears that we have all traditionally used.

These types of tools and gadgets are all borne out of the sewing experiences of others in the past who said, “Why not have . . .?” And now we do! Its amazing how new things are invented every day making our hobbies and lives easier.;) If you want to learn more about sewing accessories for beginners, check out Sewing Made Simple. I like her Learn How To Sew Series.

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Being A New Mom And Loving It

You got all excited and scared when you discovered you were soon a mom to be. The months seemed endless with weeks of going to the bathroom more often than usual, some sleepless nights with backaches that made you sleep on your side, and those untimely snacks at odd hours of the night. Talk about going through hell!


Having a baby is hard. Nevertheless, all these is just the beginning. You nights of going without sleep will still taunt you even after you smiling bundle of joy is born. You will feel like pulling the hair off your head yet will have smiles and a glow when you talk about your baby. Yes, you will be tired and sleep deprived but it will be all worth it, and you still can look radiant while nursing your baby.

Here is the secret to being a new mom and loving every minute of it.


Relish the Moment

Just look at your baby when he or she is asleep, see the innocence of that little angle will make your heart mellow. Pat yourself on the back and say you brought him or her into this world. Relish that moment and what you behold in front of you; it is a miracle, and you do not want to miss the miracle of that moment.

 Take it One day at a Time

You should relish every day that goes by, from the time you welcomed your baby into this world and held him or her in your hands. The first day will give you a rush of joy and tear will run down your cheeks when you remember what you went through just to be a mother. Yes, the days may seem tough but already went through a tough period; likewise, you get through the tough days of nursing. Soon your little angle will be doing to preschool and soccer practice.

Stay healthy

If you focus on staying healthy, you will be doing it for both you and your baby. Feeling healthy will help you stay with high spirits. Good nutrition and exercising will help to elevate your mood. Take a walk when your bundle of joy is napping, do some stretches and you soon be in your former shape and fitness levels.

Schedule your Life

Taking care of a newborn is a full-time job; one that demands your attention. As such, you need to schedule your life. Avoid rushing to get back to your professional working life. Do not take up any new project even in your home. Just focus on being a new mom and enjoy the time you have nurturing and nursing your little angle, it is a miracle of the moment that will soon be a memory.

Watch this video to see how I organize my life using my Filofax.;) I am a fan of Carlie and I have learned how to schedule important things/events using my planner by watching her videos.

Remember to Do “YOU”

As mentioned, being a new mother is a full-time job with no coffee breaks or weekends off. Nevertheless, you still need to remember to do something that makes your feel happy, taking your mind off the stress of nursing. Let your intentions of being an excellent caregiver be for both your new baby and you. You can ask daddy to have an hour of taking care of the baby every day, and you can have a nice long relaxing soak in the tub reading all by yourself or do anything that you love. In my case, I like sewing,cooking and gardening so my craft room is my escape.;)

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How You Can Create A Home Management Notebook

Some people are simply more organized than others. That said, a home management notebook is definitely a sign of an organized person that gets things done.


Your family relies upon you to get many things done and if you were out of town, in the hospital or unavailable for any reason, many things would be left undone. Creating a home management notebook is an ideal way to make sure that anyone in the family can come into the situation and do things the right way.

Your Notebook

To begin with, you’ll need to have a binder, notebook or something that you can put everything in. This should be easy to locate, easy to open and close and have plenty of room in it for you to jot down vital information.

What To Include

Every family is different, however, most families will have the following information in their notebook.

  • Meal Plans
  • Children’s School Information
  • Children’s Sports Coach Information
  • Homework Plans
  • Carpool Contacts
  • Doctors Information (phone number, after hours number etc.)
  • Pharmacy Number
  • Church Contacts
  • Bill Paying Information
  • Calendar (this should be large enough to jot down your daily schedule)

Of course, the above category list will vary according to how many children are in the family and which activities your family has going on. Customize your notebook to accommodate this. Be sure to include menu’s and directions to the favorite pizza parlor or the favorite delivery places.


Some families put some handy little extra’s in their notebook. This could be a special note from a teacher or friend that cheers one up if they’re down, it could be a poem or directions to making a favorite dish etc.


Many people like to have pocket dividers in their notebooks in order to keep receipts in for each month. This works great and can really help a person to stay on budget.

Be Creative

Your home management notebook is a reflection on your life, not the neighbors. Design and create it accordingly. If you enjoy specific colors, use them, if you prefer a specific season, focus on that. Create your notebook around your lifestyle and your family. Add in little touches that make you feel good. This could be in the form of memo’s or pretty pages etc. It’s all up to you.

Where To Find Notebooks

There are many commercial management notebooks available both online and off. You can also create your own from scratch. It’s recommended that you first look at a few to get an ideal of how they work, what others put in them and so on before you go off on your own to design one. You’ll be able to get an idea of formating and design and then create your own sensational notebook.

Now that you have an idea of how to create your home management notebook, you’re ready to go out and make your own version. Every notebook is different and what works well for one family may not work well for another. There is no right or wrong way to go about this.

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You Too Can Have A Happy And Organized Home

Having a home that is happy and organized is much more than putting clutter away and having everything in its place where it is easy to find. The way in which a home is set up can say a lot about a person, their family and also the way that they feel about themselves.


While there is always a little bit of room in life to have clutter and there will always be messes that can wait until the next day, the right level of organization can go a long way to making your home one that is well put together and happy for everyone under your roof.

How many times have you spent precious moments in the morning looking for something that should have been left in a certain spot? Have there been times that you ended up simply buying a big package of batteries just because you didn’t feel like digging through all of your junk drawers just to find the batteries that you already have?

The chances are also pretty good that you have items in your closet that you could be wearing to finish off a certain look or ensemble, yet you just do not feel like digging through the clutter to find it, so you go out and buy more clothing.

These smaller things start to add up and they add to your cluttered life. The more clutter you end up having in your life, the more difficult it can be to go through the day to day tasks. When you have children, this clutter is multiplied until you start to feel as though you are drowning and you just need a break.

This is when you want to look for ways that you can organize your home and make it so that your life is happy and free of the mess. Getting organized can really be a game changer for your family as long as you all work towards it as a common goal.

Luckily, there are all sorts of ways that you can bring happiness and organization to your home. If your children are old enough, you can all sit down together as a family and brainstorm about the different ways that you can start to get the mess in order.

If not, there are different websites online that you can use or if you have a smartphone there are even apps today that are just perfect for parents on the go. Lifehacker wrote a nice article about this topic. These apps will set you up with calendars for organizing, reminders and so much more.

The great thing about organizing your home is that you can come up with your own formulation that works for your household and go from there. Whether it is better organization in the kitchen,your craft room or laundry room or you need to come up with a way to sort all of the shoes, jackets and backpacks in your entryway, you will find that a home that is better organized will be one that is happy and functional.

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